Your mind, body, spirit, and soul together form a marvelous mechanism with all the wisdom, energy, and health you ever need. During your session, Luna Grace may guide you in breathing, visualization, or self-healing hand positions. However, it is your inner guidance, assisted by Higher Power, that initiates and facilitates the experience unique to your intentions and needs.

Blending holistic practices from ancient healing traditions of the East and West, every Reiki, hypnosis, coaching or energy work session with Luna Grace serves to connect, awaken & boost your inherent wisdom and ability to heal at all levels.  

meet luna grace

For more than a decade, Luna Grace has worked with thousands of people as a life coach, spiritual mentor, recovery coach, and energy specialist. ​

Whether online or in person, Luna Grace offers experience, compassion and support to empower individuals to create a more fulfilling and purpose-full experience of Life itself.

  • Certified Master Life Coach – individuals, couples, young people (tweens & teens), natural weight loss, addiction recovery, and more

  • Reiki Master Teacher

  • Yoga & Meditation Instructor

  • Certified Master Hypnotist

  • Certified Chakradance Facilitator

  • Certified BodyMind Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach

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